What Is Sarahah App – Snapchat Thing?

The hype surrounding the Sarahah Snapchat app is slowly but surely calming down.  The constructive criticism app dropped to number 27 on the App Store’s Top Charts.  Sarahah cannot be directly linked to your Snapchat account.  You can use Snapchat’s new linking feature to connect your Sarahah account to Snapchat.

Sarahah’s success proves that we care what other people think about us.  We’re getting more comfortable with the truth but why do we care abut other people’s opinions? Not caring what other people think is the best choice you will ever make!

Sarahah is an app for receiving honest feedback from anonymous people.  So what exactly is this thing and why is it so popular on Snapchat? The word Sarahah is Arabic.  It mean honesty in English.   There’s nothing like constructive criticism but most of us are afraid to hurt each other’s feelings.  Sarahah solves that problem!

Snapchat got popular because it promised privacy.  We all know that didn’t work out.  Sarahah also promises privacy.  It’s only a matter of time before someone hacks the app and exposes people who leave negative comments about others.  Privacy doesn’t exist on social media.

What Is Sarahah App Snapchat Thing?
What Is Sarahah App Snapchat Thing?

The following tweet proves my point.  We don’t like privacy.  We want to know people’s honest opinions about us.  That means the next most popular app in the app store will be one that tells people exactly who made specific comments about us via Sarahah.

The app launched in February and hit the Apple App Store in June.  If you can’t handle the truth you should leave the app alone.  The sad part is most of the messages shared via the app will be from people who don’t matter.  Life lesson: Hurt people hurt people.

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