Usain Bolt Injury 2017

Usain Bolt was injured on Saturday, August 12, 2017.  Sadly, it was the final race of Bolt’s career.  Usain’s left hamstring went out and he fell to the ground.  Although Usain Bolt isn’t going out on top, he had an amazing career.  It’s dangerous to be as fast as Usain was in his prime.  He has nothing to be ashamed of.

Last week, Bolt won a bronze medal and I knew things would go downhill from there.  When you’re as dominant as Usain was, you don’t win bronze medals unless something is wrong.  Luckily, Usain’s injury is not serious.  The team doctor said it was a cramp in his left hamstring.

Usain Bolt Injury 2017
Usain Bolt Injury 2017

Who can forget Usain’s rise to fame during the 2012 Olympics? It didn’t matter if you were from Jamaica, if you appreciate greatness, you were a fan of Usain Bolt.  The following tweet explains that Bolt is a legend:

Thank you for inspiring us Usain! You are living proof that there are no limits.  Enjoy your retirement because you’ve earned it.  I would love to see you coach the next generation of young athletes.  Continue to share your gift with the world through mentorship.

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By Jason John

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