Tomi Lahren Boyfriend – Black?

Is Tomi Lahren’s new boyfriend black? The image below shows Lahren with a black guy and the Internet is saying it’s her new bae.  This pictures timing is perfect.  The racial tension in America is getting worse everyday.  If people like Tomi Lahren can change their views, anyone can.  Even if she’s not dating him, I’m surprised she agreed to be in the picture.

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It’s time for Tomi to change some of her viewpoints.  The commentator recently revealed that she’s still on her parent’s healthcare plan yet she speaks out against Obamacare.  If it wasn’t for Obama’s provisions, Tomi would be too old to be on her parent’s healthcare plan.  I think Tomi just loves to argue.

Tomi Lahren Boyfriend Black
Tomi Lahren Boyfriend Black
Tomi Lahren was fired from The Blaze but that doesn’t mean we’ll stop hearing her voice.  She now uses Twitter to share her thoughts.  Lahren is one of the few people who had something positive to say about President Donald Trump’s response to Charlottesville.  The president chose his words carefully but Tomi was satisfied:

I hope Tomi continues to debate with people like Charlamange and Trevor Noah.  If we expect the world to change it’s important to consider everyone’s beliefs.

Do you think Tomi Lahren has a black boyfriend? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.