Terry Silver From Power – Brandon Victor Dixon

Brandon Victor Dixon plays Terry Silver on Power.  If you’ve seen the play “Hamilton” Brandon most likely looks familiar.  He plays Aaron Burr in the Broadway hit.  Terry broke the Internet in episode 7 of Power‘s fourth season, “You Lied To My Face.” Him and Tasha had relations, similar to James and Angela’s affair.

Scroll down to see some of the best Twitter reactions to Terry’s conflict of interest.  I understand why people are defending Tasha but Terry is the one who is making a serious mistake.  Once Ghost finds out Terry’s life is over.

Terry Silver From Power Brandon Victor Dixon
Terry Silver From Power Brandon Victor Dixon
The following tweet explains that Tasha did exactly what Ghost did.  Power fans love Ghost so much that it’s easy to be upset with Tasha.

Like Tasha explained to Ghost, she worked hard to try to keep the family together.  James didn’t like how Tasha refused to support his plans to change his life around.

The double standard is alive on Twitter.  The tweet above explains that being upset with Tasha doesn’t make sense.  I think Tasha is making a mistake because she knows what James Ghost will do if he finds out about her relations with Terry.  Tasha is putting Terry’s life in serious danger.

What do you think about Terry and Tasha’s relationship on Power? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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