Taylor Swift – Photo DJ David Mueller

Taylor Swift has taken the stand, testifying her side of the groping case against Colorado DJ David Mueller.  Daily Collegian reports that Swift insisted that the DJ grabbed her bottom and held for a long time during a meet-and-greet before her concert.  On Thursday, August 10, 2017, Taylor took the stand in Denver, Colorado.

The incident occurred in 2013.  I hate that this happened to Swift but I know she will use the incident as inspiration for some amazing new music.  I hope the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West situation doesn’t harm Taylor’s credibility.  Kim recently “proved” that Taylor was lying about giving Kanye permission to say her name in a song.

Taylor Swift Photo DJ David Mueller
Taylor Swift Photo DJ David Mueller


Taylor was called to the stand by David’s attorney.  During her testimony, Taylor explained that “it was a definite grab.  A very long grab.” She was asked how long the alleged grab took place and responded that she didn’t think it would be smart to guess the amount of time in court.  She assured David’s attorney that the grab was long enough for her to believe that it was intentional.
Taylor was asked if David grabbed her bare bottom and she answered “Yes.” She says that she initially thought it was a mistake so she moved to the side but he didn’t move his hand.
David’s lawyer asked Taylor if she tried to get away and Taylor explained:

“This was not something I had ever dealt with.  I got as far away from him as I possibly could.”

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