Taylor Swift, Life Of Pablo Font – Reputation

Taylor Swift released the cover art for her Reputation album and fans think she took a shot at Kanye West.  Reputation is scheduled to be released on November 10, 2017.  Kanye’s Life of Pablo merchandise featured the same old english font that Swift used on Reputation.  Some think it’s a coincidence while others think Swift is taking a shot at the rapper.

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Taylor Swift’s life has been filled with drama lately so I don’t think she wants any additional problems.  Kanye loves drama and Swift doesn’t want to get him started.  Now that he’s with Kim Kardashian, Swift is outnumbered.  Twitter’s reaction to Taylor’s cover art was unforgettable, as expected.

Taylor Swift Life Of Pablo Font Reputation

Every word Taylor delivers on Reputation will be analyzed and we’ll most likely conclude that she’s talking about Kanye West.

Taylor has always empowered women through her music so hopefully she’ll do so on Reputation by calling out Kim and Kanye.

Kanye’s next album should be a classic.  He’ll have to respond to Taylor and Jay-Z.  I would love to hear Swift call Kanye out for insulting his friends during his Saint Pablo tour.

What do you think about Taylor Swift using the Life of Pablo font on the cover of her Reputation album? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.