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Tammy Rivera – Before And After

VH1 reports that Tammy Rivera has denied having plastic surgery for the millionth time.  Scroll down to see before and after pictures of the reality star.  People are saying that she didn’t have a skinny waist in 2014.  I don’t think Tammy had plastic surgery but she should learn to ignore the haters.

When Tammy responds to her haters regarding plastic surgery it makes her seem like she’s lying.  When you know you have nothing to prove it’s easier to ignore your haters.  Rivera can be very emotional at times and that’s what leads her to respond.

Tammy Rivera Before And After
Tammy Rivera Before And After

In the Instagram clapback below, Tammy explains that there is nothing fake about her hips and bottom.  A troll called Tammy out for not actually using the tea she’s endorsing.  I don’t think Tammy actually uses the tea but I also don’t think she had any plastic surgery done.  Weight is all about genetics.  Tammy’s daughter is also in shape, proving they have great genetics.

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A majority of celebrities who endorse supplements don’t actually use them.  The companies don’t care and the celebrities are just trying to add more money to their bank accounts.

What do you think about Tammy Rivera’s before and after pictures? Do they prove that she didn’t have plastic surgery? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Jason John

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