Takiyah Thompson – Go Fund Me

Takiyah Thompson’s Go Fund Me page was removed from the site.  Takiyah is the woman who helped take down a Confederate statute in Durham, North Carolina.  Additional warrants have been obtained and she won’t be the only person arrested.  A video showed her climbing a latter and placing a rope on the statute.

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The incident occurred in response to the Charlottesville rally.  The racial tension in the United States is growing and President Donald Trump isn’t helping.  Trump’s response to Charlottesville left people angry and confused.  He discussed the nation’s Founding Fathers in an attempt to justify what happened in Charlottesville.

Takiyah Thompson Go Fund Me
Takiyah Thompson Go Fund Me

People kicked the statue and spit on it once it was pulled to the ground.  The removal of the statute will make states think twice before putting up monuments.  When our society doesn’t get our way, we make a way.

I think the next group of people that remove a statute will wear mask.  If the video of the statue being removed wasn’t shared on social media, Takiyah most likely wouldn’t have been caught.

What do you think about Takiyah Thompson being arrested for helping take down a confederate statue in North Carolina? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.