Sidney Starr – Transgender? Black Ink Crew Chicago

Sidney Starr makes an appearance on episode 7 of Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s third season, “My Cousin Janelle.” Sidney is the transgender model who was allegedly in a relationship with Chingy.  The rapper claims that the rumors ruined his record deal.  I don’t think that’s true.  Chingy stopped delivering quality music.

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Don enters 9Mag very excited after getting his piercing certificate.  Ashley recently quit her job so their family needs all the financial assistance they can get.  Sidney enters 9Mag and turns up.  She is full of energy, explaining why she has a massive social media following.  Don explains that Sidney will be his first client.

Sidney Starr Transgender Black Ink Crew Chicago
Sidney Starr Transgender Black Ink Crew Chicago

Sidney explains that her assets are a product of homegrown, cornbread and surgery.  The Black Ink crew loves Sidney and asks her what she’s getting pierced.  She jokes that she’s getting her private part pierced but then reveals that she’s getting her belly button pierced.

Sidney is nervous but Don calms her down.  Starr loves her new piercing and says she can be a belly dancer now.  It’s great to see VH1 providing a platform for people who wouldn’t have one otherwise.

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