Shawna Morgan – Fetty Wap’s Assistant

Fetty Wap’s former assistant, Shawna Morgan, stole $250,000 from him.  The rapper claims that Morgan was pretending to be the rapper’s manager so she could earn extra money from his gigs.  Fetty Wap claims that Shawna would renegotiate deals and keep the extra money.  Morgan clapped back alleging that the rapper actually owes her $250,000.

Fetty Wap has to do better.  A few years back he was one of the most popular rappers in the world but now he’s struggling to stay relevant.  He hasn’t dropped a hit song in years.  Fetty lost one of the finest woman in the world, Alexis Skyy, after cheating on her and having a baby with Masika Kalysha.

Shawna Morgan Fetty Wap's Assistant
Shawna Morgan Fetty Wap’s Assistant

Last week we reported that Lil Boosie’s brother stole money from him and now Fetty Wap’s going through a similar situation.  It’s difficult to find people you can trust.  Sometimes you family members believe they have the right to “borrow” money from you without asking.

Shawna Morgan Fetty Wap Assistant
Shawna Morgan Fetty Wap Assistant
Morgan claims that she has had to use her personal credit card to cover numerous expenses.  She says that Fetty’s company, RGF Productions still owes her money from tour expenses.

What do you think about Fetty Wap’s assistant, Shawna Morgan, stealing $250,000 from him? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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