Sara Scott Instagram – Solo Lucci Baby Mama

Solo Lucci baby mama’s (Sara Scott) Instagram name is @king_sara but her account is private.  On episode 4 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, Sara pulls up on Alexis Skyy.  The scene teaches us multiple lessons.  First, be more careful on social media.  Sara knew Alexis’ location because she shared it on Instagram.

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The second lesson we can learn from this situation is practice what you preach.  Alexis has called out Masika Kalysha for having a baby with her former boyfriend Fetty Wap.  Alexis claims that Fetty cheated on her with Masika.  Alexis went all the way to Hollywood to pull up on Masika.  Now, Sara is calling Alexis out for having relations with her baby daddy, Solo Lucci.

Sara Scott Instagram Solo Lucci Baby Mama

Sara claims that Alexis knew her and Solo were still dating.  Alexis has no right to be mad at Masika.  At the end of the day, you can’t control your man’s actions.  Mona Scott tries to hide lessons within Love and Hip Hop‘s drama.

Alexis and Sara should both leave Solo Lucci alone.  He’s rude and needs some time to mature.  Don’t be scared of the single life ladies.

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