Russell Simmons – Letter To Trump, Summary

Russell Simmons letter to Trump starts out by reminding the president of some of his past accomplishments involving race in America:

Simmons says that’s the Donald he knows.  He doesn’t know this Donald.  He warns him that time is running out for the president.

“Your time in office has dramatically heightened tensions and damaged our democracy”

Simmons warns Trump that he is headed towards disaster.  He is hiring the wrong people and blood is being shed.  Russell explains that Trump will go down in history as the great divider.  He tells him that his comments about the Charlottesville protest were a mistake and that racist movements are becoming more powerful because of his remarks.

Russell Simmons Letter To Trump
Russell Simmons Letter To Trump

“The good news for you is you are still in office”

Russell tells Donald that it’s not too late.  He advises him to stop making the wrong decisions, including:

  • Putting money into coal
  • Ruining our environment
  • Tweeting threats to North Korea
Simmons ends strong, advising the president that the old Donald is there but he’s sleeping.  “It is time to wake him the f— up.”

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By Jason John

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