Ralph Cross – Missouri Murder

Ralph Cross is the Missouri man who was murdered by four women who worked for an escort service.  Brittany Curry, Ponesha Taylor, Johniesha Simmons and Lauteshia Dotsou had a flat tire and Ralph pulled over to help them out.  The 55-year-old bought the ladies a new tire and let them spend the night at his house.

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All four ladies are from Memphis, Tennessee.  A witness saw Cross arguing with three of the women before one of them shot him.  The escorts were charged with first-degree murder.  Memphis is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and these ladies weren’t playing.  It makes you think twice about helping people out.

Ralph Cross Missouri Murder
Ralph Cross Missouri Murder
We are always being watched.  Investigators used a local business’ surveillance video to determine that Cross was with them hours before he was shot and killed.  Pictures of the women were posted in Memphis along with a picture of the vehicle they were driving.  The women eventually returned to Missouri to turn themselves in.  No misunderstanding should lead to a person being murdered.

Life is precious. Live life to the fullest and be more careful!

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