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Power Recap – Season 4, Episode 9, Spoilers

This article provides a recap of episode 9 of Power‘s fourth season, “That Ain’t Me.” 50 Cent got dragged on social media after admitting to leaking the episode. The episode starts with Tariq at an interview to get into Choate.  He lies just as good as his father, Ghost.  The interviewer asks him why he wants to go to the school and Tariq explains that he’s ready for a change.

Dre moves against Tommy

Dre is playing with fire and doesn’t understand how crazy Tommy is.  Dre burns Tommy’s drug warehouse to the ground and all Tommy’s distributors decide that Tommy’s a liability.  Tommy scrambles to pay his supplier back while Dre plans to takeover Tommy’s territory.

Power Recap Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers
Power Recap Season 4 Episode 9 Spoilers
Tommy has to go to James for the money to cover his losses.  Tommy headsets Ghost to let him know he’s serious.  Ghost is mad at Tommy because Tommy is getting high on his own supply.

Tommy visits his father, Teresi

In episode 8 of season 4, Teresi, Tommy’s father, does him a favor by having Mike Sandoval murdered.  Teresi wants to meet Tommy but Tommy doesn’t think that can happen because of the felonies on his record.  Teresi tells Tommy that he can pull some strings.

Mike Sandoval Power
Mike Sandoval Power

To visit Teresi, Tommy needs proof that Teresi is his father so he goes to his mother’s house to look for his birth certificate.  When he’s unable to find it he threatens to kill his mother and tells her that he killed Holly.  Tommy’s mom gives him the certificate and Tommy tells her to never speak to him again.

Angela is named Head of Criminal

Angela’s hard work is paying off.  The department was considering Mak or Saxe as Mike’s replacement as Head of Criminal but Angela is chosen.  Her and James have an awkward exchange at the Destroy Injustice Gala.  James is honored as the Department of Justice’s Victim of the Year.  It will be interesting to see if Angela goes after James and Tommy’s criminal enterprise.

Ray Ray murders Raina

Tariq’s twin sister, Raina, gets murdered by Ray Ray.  Tariq sees the whole thing.  Ray Ray is a dirty cop who will do anything to cover his tracks.  He thinks Tariq knows too much so he wants to meet with him and most likely kill him.  Ray Ray sets Tariq up but Tariq runs away.  Ray Ray chases Tariq but then Raina stops Ray Ray.  Raina calls Ray Ray by his street name and Ray Ray shoots Raina in her chest.
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