Nicki Minaj, Diss – Cardi B Lyrics

Did Nicki Minaj diss Cardi B in her new song “No Flag”? The London On Da Track song features Offset, 21 Savage and Nicki Minaj.  Cardi B is currently in a relationship with Offset so it would extra petty for Nicki to diss Cardi on a song with her boyfriend.  Nicki has been rapping about being the best female rapper alive for years therefore she most likely wasn’t taking a shot at Cardi B.

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The last thing Nicki wants or needs is beef with another rapper.  Her career is beyond that point.  When you’re at the top, the only way is down.  New rappers like XXXTentacion, need to beef with other rappers for publicity.  Remy Ma benefitted from her beef with Nicki.  If Nicki would have won her beef with Remy, Nicki would still be considered the best female rapper alive.

Nicki Minaj Diss Cardi B Lyrics
Nicki Minaj Diss Cardi B Lyrics
Nicki lost her beef with Remy but I think nicki is still the best female rapper alive.  In Jay-Z’s Rap Radar 4:44 interview he shed light on how pointless rap beef was.  He explained that him and Fat Joe would be on the same elevator at Madison Square Garden during New York Knicks games yet they were “beefing.” 
Jay and Fat Joe eventually teamed up on the “All The Way Up” remix, putting an end to the beef rumors.  It’s time for Cardi B and Nicki Minaj to collaborate on a track so we can finally put an end to the rumors that they don’t like each other.

Check out Nicki’s “No Flag” lyrics below:

Lil b**** I heard these labels trynin make another me
Everything you getting little h** is cause of me
I heard I’m stopping bags word to Shaggy it wasn’t me
These b***** is my sons, but they daddy ain’t bust in me
I’m a white picket fence b*****, you a on the bench b*****
See me in the gym now these b***** wanna go bench press
I ain’t f****** with you sis, we ain’t with the incest
Yes, I am the Queen, I’m still trying to find the princess
They know my name ring bells so they still press
Say the Queen name you can get some ill press
That went right over your head you should feel blessed
Must’ve used a lot of starch cause they still pressed
B****** is finito, I call my car Rico
Cause it’s Paid In Full baby my car don’t get repo’d
London got that heat though my jet land at Heathrow

If I had a d*** I would make all you b***** deep throat

Tasha Cobbs, Nicki Minaj “I’m Getting Ready”

Nicki never fails to surprise.  She continues to push hip hop forward and her fanbase is still growing.  She’s often insulted for releasing music that sounds the same but she recently dropped a gospel track with Tasha Cobbs.
Check out “I’m Getting Ready” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Nicki Minaj:

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