New Orleans Gators Basketball – Master P

Master P (Percy Miller) announced that he’s the owner of the New Orleans Gators basketball team today.  The team will compete in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball league.  There’s truly no limit for Master P.  He dominated the rap game throughout the 90s and even tried to play in the NBA.  He currently appears on Growing Up Hip Hop and now he owns a basketball team.

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The NBA is no longer the only league around.  Ice Cub recently introduced the BIG3 league and now there’s the GMGB.  There has always been a special connection between sports and music.  From Michael Jackson appearing in Michael Jordan’s Nike commercials to Master P’s basketball themed video for his hit song “Bout It.”

New Orleans Gators Basketball Master P
New Orleans Gators Basketball Master P

Master P’s Net Worth 2017

Master P is currently worth $400 million.  Him and his wife divorced a few years back, creating financial obstacles for the New Orleans native.  In an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop he tells his son, Romeo, that he refuses to let his ex-wife ruin him financially.  He has made all the right moves, putting him in a position to buy a professional sports organization.
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