Michelle Carter – Eyebrows

Michelle Carter’s eyebrows are breaking the Internet.  First, rest in peace Conrad Roy.  Michelle was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for the horrific crime.  Conrad’s aunt says Michelle has a “damaged moral core.” Some believe that Michelle should have received more time while others think she’s mentally ill.

Then there’s Twitter.  The social network never fails to produce ridiculous reactions on every trending topic.  People couldn’t see beyond Michelle’s eyebrows.  Some users even suggested that she should spend more time in prison for disturbing the peace with her eyebrows.

Michelle Carter Eyebrows
Michelle Carter Eyebrows

I blame her lawyer for allowing her to show up with her eyebrows looking a hot mess.  The following tweet is hilarious.

The tweet below explains that Carter should serve a decade in prison plus another 3 years for her eyebrows.

The tweet below proclaims that Michelle should spend two decades in jail for her eyebrows.  That’s a stiff sentence.

The following tweet explains that Michelle should have received 5 years for her evil behavior and an extra 2 years for her evil eyebrows.

Twitter agrees: Michelle received a light sentence considering the crime her eyebrows continue to commit.

What do you think about Michelle Carter’s eyebrows? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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