Michael A. Ramos – Charlottesville

Michael A. Ramos was one of the people involved in the Charlottesville rally.  Media outlets report that Ramos and Daniel Borden assaulted Deandre Harris.  People are working hard to expose the protesters.  Photos of the protesters are being shared online and people are working hard to identify the supremacists.

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The Huffington Post reports that a man who marched in the protest was disowned by his family.  Charlottesville exposed how quickly a protest can turn deadly.  The protest only made things worse and I’m scared people will do extreme things to get their point across.  When terrorism occurs we unite, when racism occurs we fight each other.

Michael A. Ramos Charlottesville
Michael A. Ramos Charlottesville

President Donald Trump recently retweeted and deleted a meme that shows a Trump train running over a CNN employee.  People are insulting Trump because the meme reminded them of the car that ran over people at the rally.

Charlottesville shows how powerful social media has become.  It’s difficult to follow any specific storylines when social media is pushing and pulling you towards a million different aspects of the situation.  Social media is confusing us more than it is helping us.

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