Meek Mill – Dad

Meek Mill’s dad died on August 18, 1992.  He was only 5-years-old.  In the Instagram post below the rapper explains that he had a conversation with his father while he was locked up.  Meek spent a night in jail for riding his dirt bike, without a helmet, in New York City.  His lawyer said he popped a wheelie on the bike because he was filming a music video.

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Meek Mill’s Mother, Kathy Williams

Meek Mill’s mother, Kathy Williams, gave birth to him on May 6, 1987.  He grew up in the mean streets of South Philadelphia.  Kathy’s mother died when she was young so she didn’t have support.  Meek has an older sister named Nasheema.  The odds were stacked against Kathy’s kids.  They were fatherless and they didn’t have grandparents that could help their mother.

Meek Mill Dad
Meek Mill Dad

Meek grew up in poverty, explaining why he goes so hard.  From his battle raps on some of Philly’s most dangerous corners to his mixtapes, Meek’s unapologetic swag has carried him to the top of the rap game.

The tweet below is exactly what Meek needs.  The rapper loves adversity.  He grew up in the jungle so he knows how to respond to hate.  When you grew up without a father and you are forced to do whatever it takes to survive the last thing you have time to worry about is Twitter fingers.

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