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Masika Alexis Sky – Zellswag Beef

Has Masika Kalysha met her match? Why do you think she’s dodging Alexis Sky? Zellswag found himself in the middle of the beef in episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, “Make It Count.” Masika had a baby with Alexis’ former bae, Fetty Wap, while he was dating Alexis. Masika seems scared because she’s ducking Alexis by any means necessary.

The image below shows Masika’s heels which were called out by Zellswag.  Who knew he had jokes? He told the cameraman to film Kalysha’s heels because they were dirty and he told Masika that her money wasn’t long enough to afford him.  I’m used to seeing Masika put people in their place with her mouthpiece so it’s nice to see cast members that can handle her.

Masika Alexis Sky Zellswag Beef
Masika Alexis Sky Zellswag Beef

Is Zellswag Gay?

There were recent rumors that Alexis Sky and Zellswag were dating yet many believe Zellswag’s gay.    While he hasn’t officially come out the closet we’re guessing that he is gay.  Him and Masika were cool but not anymore.  Masika didn’t appreciate him bringing up Alexis’ name.

Net Worth

Zellswag is worth $600,000.  When you have clients like Keyshia Cole you’re not struggling for money.  Keyshia is worth $10 million and she’s still working hard.  Zellswag’s personality could land him his own reality series.  At Masika’s event he turned all the way up.  Him and Misster Ray exchanged insults and almost got into a fight.


In 2014, Keyshia Cole announced that Zellswag was opening a menswear boutique.  There’s no denying Zell’s swag but he has serious anger issues.  Could you imagine trying to return an item to his boutique!? He would flip like he did on Misster Ray.  I think Zellswag should close his boutique and stick to reality TV.
Zellswag Boutique
Zellswag Boutique

The following tweet explains that Mona Scott Young most likely has a clause in Zellswag’s contract explaining that he is required to be extra and petty.  That mission was accomplished when Zellswag called out Masika for wearing dirty heels!

What do you think about the beef between Masika, Alexis Sky and Zellswag? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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