Luis Moux – Bronx, New York

Luis Moux is the Bronx, New York teen who was charged with manslaughter after killing his mother’s boyfriend.  Luis walked in on his mother’s boyfriend attacking her so he ended up choking him to death.  This story reminds us that domestic violence can turn deadly.  If you’re a victim of domestic violence please seek the help you need.

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Luis’ mother, Lorena Sesma, was arguing with her boyfriend, Stanley Washington.  The argument got serious and Stanley started hitting Lorena.  Luis was in his room.  He overheard the argument so he decided to try to help.  He ended up choking Stanley to death.  If Luis hires a decent lawyer I don’t think he’ll end up doing any jail time.

Luis Moux Bronx New York
Luis Moux Bronx New York

Luis should be able to argue self-defense.  If he wouldn’t have intervened, Stanley could have killed Luis’ mom.  Luis was in the heat of passion when he choked Stanley to death.  He panicked when he saw him beating on his mother.  Any reasonable person that sees their mother being hit would do anything to help her.

As mentioned above, if you are a victim of domestic violence, do anything necessary to get yourself out the situation.  This story proves that you are putting your entire family in danger.

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