Larenz Tate On Power – Spoilers

Larenz Tate finally made his first appearance on Power.  Larenz plays Rashad Tate, a councilman from Jamaica, Queens.  In episode 7 of season 4, “You Lied To My Face” Rashad and James St. Patrick meet at James’ club, Truth.  Simon Stern has big plans for James but it looks like Rashad will persuade James to change his plans.

Queens is one of New York City’s toughest neighborhoods and James wants that to change.  Simon wants James aka Ghost to focus his charity work in Manhattan.  Stern gets upset when he sees James speaking to Rashad.  As you may know, 50 Cent was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens.

Larenz Tate On Power Spoilers
Larenz Tate On Power Spoilers
Larenz Tate was born on September 8, 1975 and will turn 42 this year.  His appearance on Power broke the Internet, with fans agreeing that the actor still looks very young.

Simon Stern is a member of society’s elite and I can’t wait to see how he handles Rashad Tate.  Simon represents many of the people 50 Cent has to deal with on a regular basis.  The sad part is Tasha’s actions brought Simon back into James’ life.  Tasha is getting her revenge on Ghost through her relationship with his lawyer, Terry.

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Did You Know? Larenz Tate’s Brothers

Larenz Tate has two brothers: Larron and Lahmard.  Here’s a picture of them:
Larenz Larron Lahmard Tate Brothers
Larenz Larron Lahmard Tate Brothers

Lahmard was born in 1970 and appeared in Don’t Be A Menace, Jason’s Lyric along with numerous other movies.  Larron is also an actor who appeared in 21 Jump Street, Ferris Bueller and multiple other television shows and movies.

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