Kim Kardashian – Bandeau Bra

Kim Kardashian’s bandeau bra is her latest fashion piece that’s breaking the Internet.  She looks better than ever after three children and she loves reminding the world.  Kardashian makes staying fit look easy.  Look how flat her tummy is.  Kim continues to keep herself busy.  She’s building an empire and if her and Kanye continue to put in hard work they could reach billionaire status.

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Life isn’t all about work for Kardashian.  Kim recently teamed up with Vogue to discuss why Serena Williams will be a wonderful mother.  Serena could learn a thing or two about mothering from Kardashian.  When you have kids with someone like Kanye West you have to have patience.

Kim Kardashian Bandeau Bra
Kim Kardashian Bandeau Bra

Lil Duval recently called out women who look up to Kim Kardashian.  It’s easy to wonder why she’s famous but while you’re trying to figure it out she’ll just continue to win.

Kim has created a platform for her entire family.  Her father’s success enabled her to take her family to the next level.  Now, anything she touches instantly turns gold.  Stop hating on Kim and start trying to build an empire similar to Kim’s.

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