Kara Young – 2017, Donald Trump’s Black Girlfriend

2017 pictures of Donald Trump’s ex black girlfriend, Kara Young are provided in this article.  The model still looks great.  Trump may hate the media but this is a great time for media outlets to write about his former relationship with a black woman.  Racial tension is growing and people didn’t like the president’s response to Charlottesville.

Donald and Kara’s relationship lasted for two years.  Young explains that Trump asked her if she was like Derek Jeter.  Kara responded, “Exactly.” Kara’s father was Irish and Scottish while her mother was African American and European.  To explain his Charlottesville comments, Trump will most likely mention his prior relationship with a black woman.

Kara Young 2017
Kara Young 2017 – Jim Spellman, Wireimage

A.J. Benza

In 2001, Trump and A.J. Benza argued about Kara.  Trump, Kara and A.J. all ended up on the Howard Stern show where they argued about A.J.’s book Fame: Ain’t It A B****, Confessions of a Reformed Gossip Columnist.

During the interview, Benza also mentions Trump’s relationship with Russian women.
Kara is 48-years-old and she still looks great:
Kara Young 2017
Kara Young 2017 – Jim Spellman, Wireimage

The following picture shows Young with Naomi Campbell and June Ambrose:

Kara Young 2017
Kara Young 2017 – Dimitrios Kambouris – Getty Images

The following pic of Trump and Young is from 1998:

Kara Young Donald Trump
Kara Young Donald Trump – Richard Corkery, Getty Images

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By Jason John

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