Just Brittany And ZRo – Signed

Just Brittany was seen on episode 1 of Signed.  She recently made headlines because her boyfriend, rapper ZRo beat her up for hours.  ZRo is one of Houston’s most talented rappers and Brittany is following his footsteps.  She explained to the judges, Rick Ross, Lenny S. and The-Dream that she used to be a dancer.

The judges weren’t feeling the hook to Brittany’s song but they were fans of her flow.  The Houston rapper was born Brittany Bullock on June 11, 1989.  Bullock grew up in Houston’s 5th ward and excelled in school.  Don’t let Signed fool you, Brittany has been working hard for years.  Her hard work earned her a deal with Cash Money Records.

Just Brittany, ZRo, Signed
Just Brittany, ZRo, Signed

Cash Money’s artists usually leave upset after they find out how cheap Birdman is.  Rick Ross recently called him out on the track “Idols Become Rivals.” I would love to hear Ross and Brittany discuss Birdman’s dishonest tactics on Signed.

The tweet above explains that Just Brittany was relying on her looks during her audition.  That won’t last too long with music moguls like Ross, The-Dream and Lenny S.  They have all worked with some of the most talented artists in the world and won’t hesitate to expose Just Brittany.

Is Just Brittany Transgender?

Just Brittany is not transgender.  She is doing good on the show so people are hating on her.  M. Rose called her out because the judges liked Just Brittany and didn’t like M. Rose.  Just Brittany loves drama.  M. Rose thought that her and Brittany did the same thing but Brittany disagreed.  Right now, Brittany is the most hated person on the show but the judges love her.
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By Jason John

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