Jocelyn Savage, Model – R. Kelly Hostage Victim (Video)

Jocelyn Savage’s parents are not giving up.  Although she’s an adult in the eyes of the law, her parents hired lawyers to try to get her away from R. Kelly.  TMZ reports that her parent’s attorneys, Gerald A. Griggs and Leif Howard, plan to reach out to the singer’s representatives in order to convince Jocelyn to return home.

Jocelyn Savage
Jocelyn Savage

Jocelyn Savage is a model and R. Kelly’s alleged hostage victim.  Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear her discuss the situation.  Robert Kelly is not as popular as he once was but he’s still making headlines.  He allegedly maintains a cult of women who are in love with him.  These aren’t just fans, the singer controls everything they do.

In the first video below, Jocelyn’s family speaks about the situation.  Jocelyn’s father, Timothy, explains that she went to college and he hasn’t seen her since.  Jocelyn’s mother, Jonjelyn, explains that they were at one of R. Kelly’s guest homes.  She says R. Kelly set up rooms in the house, similar to hotel rooms.

Jocelyn Savage Model R. Kelly Hostage Victim Video
Jocelyn Savage Model R. Kelly Hostage Victim Video

Jonjelyn believes that her daughter is severely brainwashed.  She says the singer has a black room in the house and that her daughter says anything R. Kelly tells her to say.

Jocelyn’s mother begs the singer to release her.  Jonjelyn and Timothy want their baby girl back.  Asante McGee speaks after Jocelyn’s mother.  She says that she has witnessed numerous acts that involved R. Kelly which she didn’t agree with.  She says that she lived in one of the singer’s former residences.

The following video shows Jocelyn’s response.  What do you think about R. Kelly? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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