Jim L. Townsend – Memphis Drug Lord

In January 2017, Barack Obama commuted Jim L. Townsend’s prison sentence.  Jim is Marjorie Harvey’s ex-husband.  Marjorie is now married to Steve Harvey.  Jim and Marjorie’s son, Jason Townsend, legally changed his last name to Harvey.  Marjorie is Steve’s third wife and Steve is Marjorie’s fourth husband.


Along with Jimmy Townsend, Marjorie was married to former drug kingpin Donnell Woods and former NBA player, Todd Day.

In 1992, Townsend was sentenced to life in prison for selling cocaine.  He spent nearly three decades in jail but luckily Obama commuted his sentence.  Steve most likely asked Obama to do him the favor.  Steve has helped raise Jim’s children and the best gift he could give is helping their father get out of jail.

Jim L. Townsend Memphis Drug Lord
Jim L. Townsend Memphis Drug Lord
This story teaches us the importance of never giving up.  Steve and Marjorie were both married several times.  Some people give up after one failed relationship while others keep trying.Jim Townsend was sentenced to life in prison in the 1990s.  Many would have lost faith but Jim didn’t.  He is now free and gets a second chance at life.

What do you think about Marjorie’s ex-husband, Jim L. Townsend? Do you think the former Memphis drug lord should be out of jail? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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