Jay-Z – Rap Radar

Scroll to the Tidal player to listen to Jay-Z’s Rap Radar 4:44 interview.  The Brooklyn rapper reveals that “Kill Jay-Z” and “The Story of O.J.” were the first two tracks he recorded for the album.  He says that this was the most open he has ever been on a project.  Jay discusses “The Story of O.J.” in depth and even mentions Insecure.

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Jay explains that we have to look back to move forward.  He did so with an exploration of O.J. Simpson’s life.  Although we have come a long way since then, we still have a massive amount of work to do.  He doesn’t think we should celebrate black TV shows like Insecure because they should have been on air years ago.

Jay-Z Rap Radar
Jay-Z Rap Radar

When we first saw the 4:44 ads we jumped to the conclusion that Jay was working on an album.  Then we found out that 4:44 was a Danny Glover film.  Jay reveals that he started the rumor to throw people off.  You gotta love Jay’s sense of humor.

Jay explains that the footnotes happened organically.  He says he learned new information about some of his closest friends.

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