James Harrison Stood Alone, Threatened Teammates

The rumor that James Harrison made comments about standing for the National Anthem is false.  The tweet below was photoshopped.  People ran with the alleged comments, saying that Harrison’s teammates were only allowed to sit if they were in wheelchairs.  The Colin Kaepernick incident continues to dominate the NFL.

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Marshawn Lynch is the latest NFL player to pull a Kaepernick.  The Oakland Raiders running back made his stance clear before Kaepernick’s actions went viral.  Lynch has strong beliefs about the issues our nation is dealing with.  The Charlottesville rallies haven’t made things better.  Ignoring the problem never solves it so I think Marshawn is right for refusing to stand.

James Harrison National Anthem Wheelchair
James Harrison National Anthem Wheelchair

Decades ago, NBA player Charles Barkley, released a Nike commercial proclaiming “I am not a role model.” At the time, Charles was being dragged in the media and he wanted people to leave him alone.


O. J. Simpson took a similar approach.  He had the perfect platform to speak out against the racial tension in America but decided not to.  Today’s athletes are different.  They understand that they have the power to lead the country towards change.What do you think about the comments people are saying James Harrison made about the National Anthem and being in a wheelchair? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.