Jackie Christie Age, Birthday, Wiki – Basketball Wives

How old is Jackie Christie? Evelyn Lozada claims she’s 51 but the Internet claims that she’s only 47.  Jackie keeps talking about Evelyn Lozada’s kids and in the last episode of Basketball Wives the ladies almost got into a fight.  Jackie’s birthday is July 7, 1969 according to multiple media outlets.  We need Evelyn to share some receipts!

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Jackie called Evelyn’s daughter a “build a whore” on the last episode of Basketball Wives.  After hearing Jackie’s comments, I wondered how someone as calm, cool and collected as Doug Christie could marry someone like Jackie Christie.  Then I remembered how crazy Doug was against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jackie Christie Age Birthday Basketball Wives
Jackie Christie Age Birthday Basketball Wives
Who can forget Doug Christie punching Rick Fox in the face? Jackie was probably cheering him on during the altercation.  Doug was a NBA star before the league got soft.  Him and Kobe Bryant had some unforgettable battles throughout his career.  Doug’s intensity on the court matches Jackie’s intensity on Basketball Wives.

Jackie has earned a life-long contract on the series in my opinion.  Reality TV is her calling and fans love her.  Jackie Christie is one of the few people in the world courageous enough to fight Evelyn Lozada.

Jackie Christie and Evelyn Lozada are the future of Basketball Wives.  I thought it would be Evelyn and Tami Roman but Tami was way to calm this season.  Tami didn’t want to beef with Evelyn but Jackie proved that she’s about that life.  Shaunie is crazy if she doesn’t allow Jackie to return to the series.  She’s the most entertaining cast member on Basketball Wives.

Is Jackie Christie 61?

Jackie Christie is not 61-years-old.  Evelyn called her out for being 51 and Jackie jokingly responded that she was 61.  As mentioned above, Jackie is 47.  Jackie is slowly but surely taking her career to the next level.  She recently appeared on The Breakfast Club where she discussed the show, her family and much more:

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