Isaiah Rashad, SZA – Suicide? Leaving TDE?

Pray for SZA.  She just cancelled her CTRL Tour due to a sudden illness and people think it’s because Isaiah Rashad broke her heart.  Too many black artists try to conquer depression on their own.  I hope SZA gets the professional help she needs.  Some say that she’s suicidal yet that information has not been confirmed.

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SZA fans knew something was going on after listening to the lyrics of her song “Supermodel.” Her tour is now scheduled to start on August 20.  I think she just needed a few days off but according to the Twitter reactions below, there’s more to this story.

Isaiah Rashad SZA Suicide? TDE
Isaiah Rashad SZA Suicide? TDE

In the following Instagram post, SZA explains that she’s dealing with health issues and she begs her fans to forgive her.  She had extensive testing done and she’s feeling much better.  Doctors cleared the singer to fly.

The tweet below explains that the SZA and Isaiah rumors aren’t a surprise considering her lyrics to “Supermodel.”

The following tweet explains that “Warm Winds” gave it away:

The tweet below explains that we already knew about SZA and Isaiah:

Keep SZA in your prayers! 🙏🏿

What do you think about Isaiah Rashad and SZA’s alleged relationship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.