Is Usher Gay? – Gave Man Herpes?

Usher is not gay yet a man recently sued him, claiming that the singer gave him herpes.  We recently reported that Usher had to pay Maya Fox-Davis $1 million in 2012 for giving her herpes.  Lisa Bloom, the attorney that represented Blac Chyna in the case against Rob Kardashian, plans to file suit against Usher on Monday, August 7, 2017.

The Shade Room reports that Bloom will hold a press conference in New York City regarding the matter.  While two of Usher’s alleged victims wish to remain anonymous, the third victim plans to attend the conference.  The male victim plans to remain anonymous.  Yahoo reports that Usher’s wife, Grace Miguel, is standing by the singer’s side.

Is Usher Gay? Gave Man Herpes?
Is Usher Gay? Gave Man Herpes?
Usher’s wife is pulling a Camille Cosby.  I’m still not sure how and why Camille hasn’t divorced Bill. Although he beat the case, he has cheated on Camille a countless number of times.

The lawsuits won’t stop anytime soon.  Anyone who has hugged Usher will file a suit if this lawsuit is successful.  The worst day of Usher’s life was when the world found out he paid $1 million for allegedly giving someone herpes.
What do you think about Usher allegedly giving a man herpes? Do you think the singer is gay? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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