Is Rob Kardashian Jr. Dead?

The rumor that Rob Kardashian Jr. is dead is false.  The reality star is alive.  Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans know about Rob’s depression.  People are worried about him because of his recent breakup with Blac Chyna.  Most of the drama surrounding the Kardashian Jenner family is made for TV but Rob’s problems are real.

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Unlike his sisters, Rob is not built for this business.  He is a private person who has been forced to adapt to his family’s lifestyle.  Rob was in Heaven when his sister, Khloe, started dating former NBA star, Lamar Odom.  Rob and Lamar are both private, making it easy for them to relate to each other.

Is Rob Kardashian Jr. Dead?
Is Rob Kardashian Jr. Dead?

Now that Lamar is gone and Bruce has transitioned, Rob doesn’t have anyone.  He thought his relationship with Chyna would help but that didn’t work out.

Rob Kardashian Net Worth

Rob is currently worth $7 million.  That explains how he was able to buy all those cars for Blac Chyna.  Rob’s daughter, Dream, is the best thing that has happened to him.  Dream will help Rob conquer depression because his life is now about her well-being.

What do you think about the Rob Kardashian Jr. suicide rumors? Do you think he needs professional help? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.