Is Mel B Armenian?

Mel B spoke Armenian on America’s Got Talent leaving people wondering if she was Armenian.  The talented singer is not Armenian.  Mel B’s mother is English and her father is Nevisian.  The singer, whose real name is Melanie Brown, threw water at Simon Cowell during the last episode of America’s Got Talent.

Magician, Demian Aditya tried an escape trick with fire and a wooden box.  The trick went wrong, leading Tyra Banks to explain that there was a technical issue with Demian’s performance.  Simon decided to make a joke about the mishap: “I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night: A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.”

Is Mel B Armenian?
Is Mel B Armenian?

While many people ridiculed Simon for his statement, I didn’t think it was that serious.  You have to laugh to keep from crying.  Mel B knows how much Cowell loves and cares for her and he wasn’t trying to embarrass her.

Mel B has a great sense of humor.  If she didn’t, she would have started crying but instead she wanted revenge! Simon was ready and knocked the water out of Mel B’s hand before she could pour it on him.  I’m sure she’ll get him back next week.

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By Jason John

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