Is Eminem Moving To Toledo, Ohio?

The rumor that Eminem is moving to Toledo, Ohio is false.  On slow news days fake news like this tends to get shared.  The false story explains that the rapper surprised everyone in Los Angeles when he announced his plans to move to Toledo.  Dave Chappelle is one of the few entertainers that lie in Ohio.  It makes sense for celebrities to live in Los Angeles.

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Eminem is not as busy as he once was but he’s still putting in work.  The rapper had a house in Los Angeles but he now lives in Michigan, the state he was raised.  The fake story explained that he’s sick of L.A. which is false because he doesn’t live there.  Eminem wouldn’t be able to handle the paparazzi.

Is Eminem Moving To Toledo Ohio?
Is Eminem Moving To Toledo Ohio?
Rumors suggest that Eminem will be releasing a new album this fall.  I guess he’s not listening to any of 50 Cent’s theories.  50 recently called Jay-Z out after the release of his 4:44 album.  50 thinks Jay is too old to be focused on music.  I think it’s time for Eminem to start focusing on developing new artists.  He doesn’t have anything else to accomplish in the music industry.

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