Hayley Kiyoko – Insecure

Actress, singer and songwriter Hayley Kiyoko made an appearance on episode 4 of Insecure‘s second season, “Hella LA.” Hayley plays Miko.  Her and a friend are standing in line at a grocery store while Lawrence is checking out.  Lawrence recently broke up with Tasha the Teller and he’s loving the single live.

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Lawrence can’t find his credit card to checkout so Miko and her friend pay for his items.  They stop him in the parking lot and invite him to their apartment.  Lawrence satisfies Miko’s friend but then he taps out and Miko gets upset.  Her and her friend do some coke and make plans to hook up with a different guy.

Hayley Kiyoko Insecure
Hayley Kiyoko Insecure
Lawrence isn’t enjoying the single life and ends up driving to Issa’s apartment.  He doesn’t go to her door but I think they’ll end up getting back together.  Issa reunited with Daniel but I think Lawrence is her soulmate.

Hayley Kiyoko was born on April 3, 1991 and is currently 26-years-old.  She is best known for playing Stella Yamada in Lemonade Mouth.  The 2011 Disney film is nothing like Insecure.  I would love to see her in future episodes.

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