Daniel Borden – Mason, Ohio

Daniel Borden is the person who hit Deandre Harris in the head with a pole at the Charlottesville rally.  Kristoffer Odinsson was another person involved in the assault of Harris.  Borden aka Dan Boc Borden is seen in the pic below standing over Deandre.  The protesters will most likely hire a great lawyer for him and he’ll probably get off.

Kristoffer Odinsson is also seen in the photo, assaulting Deandre.  The image of Harris’ bloody head went viral shortly after the rally.  His head had to be stapled back together and he also suffered a chipped tooth and broken wrist.  The Charlottesville rally was one of the most horrific events I’ve seen in a long time.

Daniel Borden Mason Ohio
Daniel Borden Mason Ohio

Yahoo reports the President Donald Trump made an unimpressive statement regarding the incident.  The country needs its elected leader to give us hope and Trump has failed.

People are supporting Deandre by donating to his GoFundMe account:

Deandre is no longer accepting donations.  While the racial tension in America is depressing, Deandre’s GoFundMe account proves that there is hope.  We’re down but we’re not out.  We must continue to educate ourselves to conquer racism.

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