Crystal Baller Wives – Ray Ray Armstrong Baby Mama

Crystal Marie is Ray Ray Armstrong’s baby mama.  Ray Ray plays linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers.  In the second episode of Baller Wives we see Crystal and Emmaly Lugo get into a screaming match.  Emmaly claims that Crystal slept with her baby daddy, Larry Fitzgerald.  Crystal and Emmaly’s situation is similar to Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada’s situation.

The Crystal vs. Emmaly beef is just getting started.  If you want to upset someone, talk about their kids.  Crystal called Emmaly’s child a “hush baby.” Crystal made the statement but when Emmaly confronted her she denied it.  We’ll definitely see more arguments between these two in future episodes.

Crystal Baller Wives Ray Ray Armstrong Baby Mama
Crystal Baller Wives Ray Ray Armstrong Baby Mama
Aravious “Ray Ray” Armstrong was born in Florida where he attended Seminole High School.  He played quarterback in high school and earned himself a scholarship to the University of Miami.  In 2012, he was dismissed from Miami for lying during an internal investigation.
Ray Ray Armstrong
Ray Ray Armstrong
Crystal is best friends with Miko and Stacey meaning she is well protected at all times.  That’s a good thing because she’ll most likely end up fighting Emmaly.

What do you think about Crystal from Baller Wives? Do you think Ray Ray Armstrong should have put a ring on it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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