Courtney Finley Twitter – Jermichael’s Wife

Jermichael Finley pulled a O.J. Simpson.  In the video below the former Green Bay Packers tight end discussed the Colin Kaepernick situation.  Didn’t he learn from Michael Vick? The screenshot below shows Michael’s wife, Courtney’s response to his comments.  NFL players need to keep their mouths shut about current events because they’re clearly not informed enough to make meaningful comments.

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Mike Vick and Jermichael Finley advised Kaepernick to cut his hair.  While many don’t seem to have a problem with Colin’s afro the same people have problems with dreadlocks.  If Kaepernick had dreadlocks I think people would agree with Mike and Jermichael.  Double standards like this will never go away.

Courtney Finley Twitter Jermichael Wife
Courtney Finley Twitter Jermichael Wife

In the response above, Courtney starts by reminding Jermichael that he is black.  It’s being called the O.J. Simpson syndrome.  Black athletes are getting money and they don’t know how to act.  Courtney class Jermichael’s comments absurd and tells him that Kaepernick is making a stance for black men around the world.

Jermichael says that Colin is fighting for his rights for attention.  That’s exactly what he’s doing Jermichael and you should be doing the same.

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