CJ So Cool – Baby Mama (VIDEO)

Scroll to the video at the end of this article to hear CJ So Cool’s baby mama put him on blast.  She explains that CJ asked her to allow their daughter to live with him and she agreed.  She says that she has raised her daughter with no problems for 5 years but CJ couldn’t handle 3 months.  Their daughter ended up in Child Protective Services due to CJ’s bad decision making.

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CJ So Cool is a popular YouTuber with nearly 3 million subscribers.  His videos include hilarious pranks, funny reactions, giveaways and challenges.  Despite his success on YouTube, CJ made a horrible mistake and his baby mama calls him out for it.  The situation is similar to what happened to Pimp C.

CJ So Cool Baby Mama
CJ So Cool Baby Mama

CJ had his daughter in the car when he got into a feud with another driver.  Instead of being mature and letting it go, CJ decided to show the other driver his gun.  CJ got locked up and his daughter ended up in Child Protective Services.

CJ’s baby mama explains that she is not bitter and she works hard for everything she has.  She says that she won’t let her daughter live with CJ because he’s immature.

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