Chris Brown Comment On Rihanna – Memes

Chris Brown broke the Internet by leaving a comment on Rihanna’s picture.  He left a glancing eyes 👀 emoji after @badgalriri posted a picture of herself at carnival.  Rihanna’s fans are mad because she was recently spotted with her new man, Hassan Jameel.  Chris Brown has some serious issues and I’m praying he’ll get some help.

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Fans are scared that Rihanna will fall for Chris’ game.  If he gets a chance to speak to her, he’ll most likely try to convince her that he’s a changed man.  Brown’s recent beef with Soulja Boy reminded us how unreasonable the singer can be.  Soulja Boy revealed that Brown got upset with him because he was friends with Rihanna.

Chris Brown Comment On Rihanna Memes
Chris Brown Comment On Rihanna Memes

The following meme shows a perfect reaction to Chris Brown’s comments.

I don’t think Rihanna is crazy enough to give Chris another chance.  Over the years, the singer has gotten worse.  He doesn’t respect women and needs help.

The tweet above shows how Twitter overreacted to Chris’ emoji.  The picture of Rihanna’s face after Chris beat her still haunts me so I don’t think the above tweet is an overreaction.  Chris is a marketing mastermind and that’s why I think he left the comment.

What do you think about Chris Brown leaving a comment on Rihanna’s pic? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.