Bun B – College Professor Rice University

Bun B is a college professor at Rice University.  The video below shows him at a protest.  The rapper confronts a man who gave him the middle finger.  Bun and the man exchange words before the police intervene.  I’m glad Bun didn’t get himself in trouble.  Bun’s former UGK group mate, Pimp C, ended up in jail after a confrontation with a woman.

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Bun teaches a class on religion and hip hop culture alongside Anthony B. Pinn.  Bun and Pinn have similar beliefs.  Pinn has been teaching for more than two decades and asked Bun to come in to be a guest lecturer.

Bun B College Professor Rice University
Bun B College Professor Rice University

The video below shows Bun lose his temper with a protester: 

In the video below, Pinn explains that the class is available in more than 100 countries.  The courses is available through EDX, a company whose mission is to provide free education.  Life is all about growth.  Bun B once sold drugs and now he’s a college professor.

Bun B is proof that you can change your life.  After his successful career as a rapper he has transitioned into a successful career as a teacher.

What do you think about Bun B being a college professor at Rice University? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.