Beyonce Little Sister – Koi Knowles

Beyonce and Solange’s half sister, Koi Knowles is getting big fast.  The pic below shows Mathew Knowles’ beautiful daughter.  She’s now 6-years-old and she’s just as beautiful as Beyonce and Solange.  In 2014, her mother, TaQoya Branscomb revealed that Mathew was Koi’s father.  I think that’s one of the reasons Beyonce ended up firing her father.

TaQoya is a former lingerie model who now works as a real estate agent.  Mathew went broke after Beyonce fired him so Branscomb most likely isn’t receiving much child support.  This explains why Lemonade was such a special project.  Beyonce wasn’t only venting about Jay-Z’s cheating, she was also venting about her father’s cheating.

Beyonce Little Sister Koi Knowles
Beyonce Little Sister Koi Knowles

Beyonce’s brother, Nixon Knowles

Beyonce also has a half brother named Nixon.  His mother, Alexsandra Wright, has taken Mathew to court numerous times for child support.  Mathew built Beyonce’s career so people think he has access to Bey’s money.  Beyonce is too smart for that.  Once she realized that he father was a liability, she fired him and moved on.
Beyonce Brother Nixon Knowles
Beyonce Brother Nixon Knowles

Beyonce’s How To Make Lemonade book releases soon and fans have mixed feelings about the price.  If you’re a successful Beyonce fan you don’t have any problem paying $300 for the book.  Many of Beyonce’s fans don’t have that much money to spend so they’re upset with the Houston singer.

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By Jason John

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