Beyonce Donates To Houston

There’s no doubt that Beyonce has donated to her hometown, Houston, Texas.  We most likely won’t receive any details regarding her donation because she’s not doing it for publicity.  In the first Instagram video below, comedian, Kevin Hart challenges Beyonce to donate.  She definitely didn’t need to be challenged but I understand where Kevin was coming from.

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In the second Instagram video below, Hart explains that the people he challenged in the first video are being active and helping the cause.  Hurricane Harvey caused more than 10 feet of flooding in many areas.  The water is so high that boats are sailing on top of cars.  Kevin set up a donation website to help raise money for victims of the hurricane.

Beyonce Donates To Houston
Beyonce Donates To Houston

Here’s Hart’s first video:

In the video below, Kevin mentions Houston Texans star, JJ Watt.  The comedian says that he will donate to JJ’s online fundraiser.  The power of social media gives us life, literally.  Kevin and JJ felt motivated to help and seconds later they were able to share their messages and motivate others.

In 2014, Beyonce donated $7 million to the Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments.  She started the complex after Hurricane Katrina.

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