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Beyonce And Jay Z New House – Largest Home In California?

It looks like Beyonce and Jay Z are moving to Bel Air.  Multiple media outlets report that they’re paying $120 million for a new house with four pools and eight bedrooms.  Other media outlets report that the house is $90 million.  Even at $90 million, if the deal goes through it will be the largest real estate deal in Los Angeles this year.  When you’re spending that much money everything has to be perfect.  That’s probably why the deal described below fell through.
Beyonce Jay-Z House
Beyonce Jay-Z House

Beyonce and Jay Z’s new house could be the largest home in Los Angeles, California.  The Holmby Hills estate the couple is looking at is $200 million.  The Carters are moving to Los Angeles full-time.  They’re expecting twins and with three children they’ll need all 123 rooms in the Westwood mansion.  The house is referred to as “The Manor.”


The 56,000 square foot estate is the largest house in Los Angeles.  The house has 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms.  Who needs all that space? Blue Ivy and her new siblings will have numerous options if the Carters decided to purchase the home.  There’s a bowling alley, tennis court and pool.

Beyonce And Jay Z New House Largest Home In California?
Beyonce And Jay Z New House Largest Home In California?


Beyonce And Jay Z Net Worth 2017

Beyonce and Jay Z are worth $1.1 billion.  Beyonce is worth $450 million and Jay Z is worth $700 million.  The couple’s car collection is worth over $15 million.  The Manor has enough parking space for 100+ cars.  The house also has 16 carports and four two-car garages.  The Bugatti that Queen Bey bought Jay for his 41st birthday will be safe in the mansion.

Petra Stunt Buys The Manor

In 2011, model, Petra Stunt purchased The Manor.  She’s the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One.  Ecclestone is currently worth over $3 billion.  Petra’s husband, James Stunt, is worth over $5 billion.  The couple purchased the house in 2011 for $85 million.  The couple renovated the home, increasing its worth by millions.

Like Jay Z, James has a very impressive car collection, including his Lamborghini Aventador.  The vehicle is worth over $4 million.

Buying the largest home in Los Angeles, California would be a horrible decision.  The home would cost too much to maintain.  While the Carters are filthy rich, anything could happen.  They could spend $100 million less on a home that has everything they desire.


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