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Angela Simmons Sister – Darian, Vanessa #GUHH

Angela Simmons sister, Darian, was seen in Growing Up Hip Hop‘s third episode of season 3, “Bad to the Throne.” Vanessa, Angela and Darian are working on their relationship and it’s getting emotional.  Darian is Angela and Vanessa’s half-sister.  Rev Run’s ex-wife, Valerie Vaughn, is Darian’s and Angela’s mother.

Angela has decided to separate herself from her family and her sisters are not happy.  Angela recently had an adorable son and she’s still learning the importance of balancing her time.  She has been a business woman since we met her on Run’s House.  In Growing Up Hip Hop, we hear Angela discuss her new store which she has neglected because of her busy schedule.

Angela Simmons Sister Darian Vanessa
Angela Simmons Sister Darian Vanessa
Vanessa is having a fashion show and has been unable to reach Angela.  Vanessa and Angela used to be really close but things have changed.  In the video below, Vanessa finally meets with Angela and brings Darian along.  The sisters end up shedding tears and Angela explains that she wishes they had a better relationship.  Darian claims that she has been spilling her heart out.

Darian reveals a family secret on the next episode of Growing Up Hip Hop.

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