Angel Valentino Instagram – Usher Herpes Accuser

Angel Valentino’s Instagram name was @iamangelvalentino but she deleted her account.  Angel aka Quantasia Sharpton doesn’t have herpes yet she decided to have a press conference with celebrity lawyer, Lisa Bloom.  Last month, Bloom announced that she was representing Blac Chyna and they also made a public appearance.

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Usher needs to release a statement regarding this matter.  I would love to see him prove that he actually doesn’t have herpes.  Ignoring the situation won’t fix it and he owes it to his fans.  The media is making Usher look like a monster who doesn’t tell women about his STD.

Angel Valentino Instagram
Angel Valentino Instagram

What’s a trending news story without unforgettable Twitter reactions!? The following tweet explains that anyone named Quantasia is difficult to believe:

There’s a video, that’s currently going viral, showing Usher dancing with a woman during one of his concerts.  Some believe the video makes Quantasia’s story more believable because the woman is about the same size as Quantasia.

The tweet below explains that just because Quantasia is “fat” doesn’t mean Usher didn’t have relations with her.  The video mentioned above definitely implies that Usher is attracted to women of all shapes and sizes.

What do you think about Usher’s herpes accuser, Angel Valentino? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.