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Amir Khan and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, are getting a divorce.  The couple have been having problems for months and they’re finally calling it quits.  I think that’s a great decision.  The British boxer says Faryal cheated on him with Anthony Joshua.  This situation reminds me of the Mark Barnes, Derek Fisher situation.

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Amir Khan’s Snapchat name is AmirKhanBoxer:

Amir Khan Snapchat Name
Amir Khan Snapchat Name

If there’s one positive lesson we can all learn from this situation it’s understanding when to walk away.  The couple had problems before they got married and they clearly never resolved them.  If they would have continued to try to make things work who knows what could have happened.

The video above explains that Anthony Joshua is a huge man.  He is 6 ft 6 in and weighs 250 pounds.  Joshua has won 19 fights by KO and is currently undefeated.  Khan is a lightweight fighter who is only 5 ft 8 in and only weighs 140 pounds.

Amir will have to rely on karma handling this situation.  He’s too smart to pick a fight with Anthony Joshua:

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