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AD Diggs Net Worth – Moniece’s Girlfriend

AD Diggs net worth is $100,000.  In episode 6 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth season, “Shady Ladies” AD tries to bring Moniece Slaughter and Tiffany Campbell together.  AD and Moniece are in a relationship and Tiffany is one of AD’s best friends.  Tiffany doesn’t think Moniece is really a lesbian.


Annette AD Diggs is a hustler.  She was born on June 16, 1983 in Brooklyn, New York.  She is the founder and CEO of DiggTheKicks, an apparel line that’s on the rise.  DiggTheKicks was created for people who love sneakers.  The store is located at 8200 Haven Avenue, Suite 2106, Rancho Cucamonga, California.

AD Diggs Net Worth Moniece Girlfriend
AD Diggs Net Worth Moniece Girlfriend

Tiffany calls Moniece out for using AD.  The tweet below explains that AD doesn’t present any opportunities that Moniece could benefit from.

Moniece is usually the messy one but she’s right in this situation.  Slaughter thinks that Tiffany is in love with AD and I think she’s right.  There’s no other reason for Tiffany to be overreacting.

Moniece is a hustler, just like AD.  Slaughter and Masika Kalysha host the Black Hollywood Live podcast and it’s very entertaining.

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