Yunique Morris – Chest Wall Pain

Yunique Morris is the 15-year-old cheerleader who died after being diagnosed with “Chest Wall Pain” but they were sadly mistaken.  The California high school student’s family is looking for answers.  Chest Wall Pain is a sharp, achy feeling that gets worse when you move your upper body.  The pressure-like feeling is horrible when you take deep breaths or work out.

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Yunique atteneded Weston Ranch High School located in the Weston Ranch subdivision of Stockton, California.  She died due to blood clots in her chest and the San Joaquin General Hospital will definitely be charged with negligence.  The hospital initially diagnosed her with “Chest Wall Pain” and they were clearly wrong.

Yunique Morris Chest Wall Pain
Yunique Morris Chest Wall Pain

Morris went to the hospital a few weeks ago when she first started feeling the chest pain.  The doctor told her it was Chest Wall Pain and gave her medicine.  The antibiotics didn’t help.  The athletic teen continued to feel pain and she couldn’t even go up and down her stairs without losing her breath.

Yunique and her family went back to the hospital where the doctor told her that the condition wasn’t serious.  She returned home and a day later she passed out.  Her family rushed her back to the hospital where doctors found blood clots in her chest.  A short time later, Yunique passed away.

Please use the link below to donate to Yunique’s funeral fund.

RIP Yunique Morris.  I didn’t know anything about Chest Wall Pain before this incident.  Share your thoughts below.